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Frequently Asked Questions.

You have questions, we have answers. If you would like to speak further about how Strata Guardian can assist your Owners Corporation / Body Corporate feel free to book a call back, we are more than happy to help.

Does the legislation allow us to invest?

The simple answer is yes, usually through either a company account in the name of your scheme or through a trust (if the scheme has one).

In most cases, State & Territory legislation allows for a wide range of investments held in strata schemes and refers to the relevant Acts for Trusts and Trustees.


These Acts then serve as a guide to the types of investment and other considerations for committee members. There are some areas that differ slightly from State to State, so feel free to be in touch to discuss further. For more information about your States legislation, head to our Articles page.


Is our building's capital safe?

The investment structure that sits behind Strata Guardian is what we would call the 'gold standard' in ensuring client capital protection. All capital is held in custody by major financial institutions, administrated by a renowned and reliable platform. Our term deposit service, Strata Term, only uses Australian Deposit-Taking Institutions that are covered by the Financial Claims Scheme. Strata Guardian serves as your primary source of contact and helps administrate your investment.


What if something unexpected happens?

Unexpected things happen all the time, we understand that.

We recommend that you speak to us to work through the options available and ensure you are making an informed decision.

We only use reputable and well-known, diversified investments (exchange-traded funds) that are highly liquid and can be transacted whenever markets are open. Your committee can instruct Strata Guardian to draw down any amount, any time from your investment simply by getting in touch.

All portfolio based accounts are capable of being sold down and withdrawn whenever markets are open and capital is typically returned within 5 business days of notification.

If you are using our term deposit based option (Strata Term) we can discuss your options and any costs before any action.


What access do I have to view our investment?

Each signatory has its own login to our platform partner's online portal, which gives accurate balances, portfolio detail and performance statistics 24/7. There is an annual, audited series of tax statements produced at the end of each financial year (along with help provided for your accountant) and Strata Guardian can produce periodic reporting if you need it, just reach out and we can help.


What do we need to do as a Strata Committee to decide to invest?

In much the same way as determining your banking solution, you will need to discuss investing with Strata Guardian with your committee and reach an agreement. This is usually done through a general or special resolution. We have template resolutions we can provide. You can read more about applying here.

If you would like further information, we can send hardcopy documents to assist. We are also available to discuss this decision and answer questions over a teleconference or phone call.

Identification checks may be required, and are done online through a class-leading provider used by Australian major banks.


Once we have invested, can we add more money later?

Absolutely. Upon application, you will be provided with your platform account BPAY details which are used to deposit the initial funds. Going forward, the same BPAY details can be used for future contributions. Typically, after a 3-day BPAY processing period, the new capital will be folded into the existing portfolio automatically.

If you are using our term deposit option, we can look to start a new deposit provided we can meet the minimum amounts.


I am an Owners Corporation / Body Corporate manager, who can I talk to about using Strata Guardian for my clients?

We would love to hear from you and are happy to discuss ways we can work together. You can read further about our partnerships with the industry here, or simply book in a call back to discuss further.

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Next steps.

To discuss this further, feel free to book a call. Further information about applying can be found here.

You can also check out a no obligation portfolio by making a log in to our secure onboarding portal here.

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