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How We Invest Your Strata Capital.

A Reliable, Accessible and Diversified Solution.

Major Institutional Backing

All client capital is held with either a reputable bank, or on an ASX listed, third party platform which is backed by a major Australian bank and two global fiduciaries. Strata Guardian directs the platform to invest your building's capital and instructs withdrawals to the bank account you provide. This ensures that only your Owners Corporation / Body Corporate is able to draw down funds.

Bank Grade Security

Your account with Strata Guardian is protected by 2 Factor Authentication, Page Encryption and is held on Australian servers. Our identification service is used by major Australian banks and provides the strongest online ID verification service currently available on the market.

Diversified and Liquid Portfolios

Our investment team monitors bank credit ratings for Strata Term. 

We can also build and manage a portfolio on an ongoing basis, using broad-market exchange-traded funds (ETF's) that give diversified exposure to global income and share markets. This portfolio allows the team to take advantage of growth opportunities whilst still ensuring we can protect your building's capital from volatile market conditions.

Responsible Investment Choices

Any term deposit offered through Strata Term is covered by the federal Government's Financial Claim Scheme.

For our market linked services, we build the portfolios for the long- term requiring careful thought, and reliability matters. That's why we only use on-market exchange-traded funds that have been carefully selected to give cost effective and diversified exposure to global opportunities from some of the biggest names in funds management. You can be confident that your building's capital will be accessible when you need it.

Easy Account Monitoring and Reporting

Your account is accessible for viewing and reporting anytime through the platform client dashboard. Adding funds is easy using online banking to your account, and withdrawal requests are processed in 5 business days. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have on your account along the way. Full End of Financial Year financial reports are compiled and available for your accounting services as required.

Building Strata Investment Focus

Unlike other investment services, our portfolio's are designed with one job in mind, to target a sustainable and reliable return for Australian Strata and Capital Works Funds. We only offer accounts to Australian Owners Corporations, Body Corporate & Strata Company entities. It is this focus that provides our investors and lot holders with the confidence that their priorities are aligned with ours.

The Strata Guardian Portfolios.

Suggested Time Based Allocations


Up to 2 years
Strata Term

2 + years
Strata Guardian

Strata Term

Strata Term provides access to wholesale market-leading Australian bank term deposits over a range of terms that can be negotiated when you are ready to invest. Strata Term offers the ability to access and invest across a large number of banks and financial institutions in the one easy decision. Both terms and accompanying interest rates are confirmed upon application. We can also provide an ongoing rollover service. Click here to find out more.

Investment administration fee of 0.2% per annum.
Minimum Investment can vary on the issuing bank.

Strata Guardian

With a recommended investment timeframe of 2+ years, the Strata Guardian portfolio focuses on targeting a term deposit beating return (CPI+1%) using responsible levels of growth assets. This includes high quality local and overseas companies with a large buffer of income and defensive assets as well as local and overseas fixed income exposure and infrastructure investment. This portfolio is designed for medium-term investment, whilst still available for drawdown at any time.
Investment management fee of 0.4% per annum.
Minimum Investment $20,000.

* Rates as of 11/05/23, are subject to change, and are net of the administration fee.

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