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Key Members of Strata Guardian


Tim Fuller

Head of Wealth

Tim is Head of Wealth at Strata Guardian, oversees daily operations and client care, and sits on the investment committee. Having worked in financial services across several major national practices, boutique advisory firms and investment companies for over ten years, Tim is committed to providing excellent service and reliable outcomes for the Australian Strata Community.


Tim understands that a crucial component of quality investment is ensuring that all investors have confidence in Strata Guardian's careful structuring, design, execution, and 'lived experience' for its clients. 


As the responsible manager of the Strata Guardian investment service, Tim is a qualified financial adviser and holds a Masters of Business Administration.


Jonathan Kline Spink

Head of Strategic Partnerships

As a director of his building's strata committee, Jonathan was less than enamoured with the falling rates of return on building strata accounts and saw an opportunity to build a solution that both increased the growth opportunity of the funds in a responsible way and reduced the need for increasing strata levies to make up for the low return world we find ourselves in.

With interest rates tipped to remain 'lower for longer' it is crucial that buildings strata are invested properly for the long run. Jonathan looks after our referral partnerships with other quality companies in the strata community.

Ken and Logo with backdrop NEW.png

Investment Management Team

Incorporating decades of experience in investment management.

Strata Guardian employs both internal and external asset consultancy to ensure our client portfolios maintain a high level of oversight, are positioned to find opportunities as they arise and have their capital protected in these uncertain times.

We are proud to partner with Ken Atchison, who founded Atchison Consultants in Melbourne and is the Chairperson of the Strata Guardian Investment Committee.


Ken has assisted many Australian and overseas institutional clients in achieving their short and long-term goals through a well-defined proactive approach, philosophy and passion towards investment consulting and related markets.

Ken has been involved in financial markets since the early 1970s. After gaining significant experience in the management of investment portfolios, he moved to provide investment advice to superannuation funds. In the years prior to establishing Atchison Consultants in 2001, he was a senior asset consultant with the global firm Towers Perrin (now part of the Russell Group).

Cameron Peters 2.png

Cameron Peters

Head of Information Technology

Security matters. In a world full of 'bad actors' and cyber concerns, whom you give private information to online is a big decision. Cameron brings over 15 years' experience working on major IT projects around the world to ensure that Strata Guardian investor's information is under strict lock and key. By utilising the latest in IT structuring and security, you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe.

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