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Announcing Strata Term - the Ultimate Term Deposit Strata Solution.

Strata Term

Strata Term is a new service by Strata Guardian that provides access to market-leading Australian bank term deposits over a range of terms that can be negotiated when you are ready to invest. At present there are a number of reputable Australian banks offering above market rates of 4% p.a. or more, depending on the term invested. Here are some of the issuing banks available as a client of Strata Guardian:

We see Strata Term complementing our existing services well (Strata Guardian & Grow), and for those committees who are looking for better returns on their cash savings, without wanting to take additional risks.

Strata Term offers the ability to easily access and invest across over 25 banks and financial institutions in the one easy decision, your scheme owns the investment (as always) and all term deposit's offered through this service are covered by the Financial Claims Scheme. Both terms and accompanying interest rates are confirmed upon application. Strata Guardian can also provide an ongoing rollover service, that will target the best prevailing rate at the time.

For the current best of market rates available now, click here.

Minimum Investment can vary based on the issuing bank, but usually around $25,000 is a good place to start. Get in touch for the latest rates and minimums.

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