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Introducing Strata Guardian

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It’s no secret that we are now faced with a world of low-interest rates, propelled by the coronavirus pandemic and its associated poor economic conditions. Even before the pandemic, cash and term deposit interest rates have been gradually declining, decreasing the long-term viability of term deposits as a useful investment option for those seeking a reasonable return without taking on too much risk.

The more significant issue at hand now is not the risk of losing capital but the genuine risk of not having enough when the time comes to employ the funds for their intended purpose. This dilemma is the same for people saving for a home, retirement, or indeed for a group of lot holders looking to replace a significant building component.

As central banks the world over have slashed interest rates to stimulate the economy, it also has the intended effect of making term deposits and cash at call interest rates now, not a viable investment. This has meant the conventional mainstays of the low-risk investment world are increasingly unattractive for long term capital. By creating a situation where the return is mediocre, to the point where it is in danger of being eroded by simple inflation, financial controllers are compelled to seek alternatives or face the prospect of higher contributions to ensure that the purpose of the saved capital is met.

An innovative and secure solution to a new problem for Australian Strata and Sinking Funds.

Strata Guardian seeks to help with this problem. It is the reason we have decided to build an investment product that is specifically designed to help the thousands of Australian lot owners, Owners Corporation / Body Corporate and strata managers out there facing the prospect of inadequate returns on their building capital. By using quality, diversified portfolios that target more meaningful returns while still carrying significant downside protection, we aim to help with the difficult task of fixing inflation erosion with what is essentially the superannuation of your building’s financial future.

Using the latest technology in data security, both for the onboarding and ongoing, personal information protection is a core focus of our offering. All client capital is secure on a trusted third-party financial platform that is backed by local and global fiduciaries and allows both transparency and access to your funds at any time.

We are here to help you.

We welcome you to present Strata Guardian at your next Owners Corporation / Body Corporate or strata committee meeting, buildings accountant, or owners corporation strata management. We are always available to make introductions by phone, email, or virtual meeting as required.

For more information, or to check out what a portfolio can look like for your building, head to the get started links or contact us on 1300 482736 or

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