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Live Webinar: A Healthy Sinking Fund means Healthy Property Prices

Broad media coverage of serious issues in some strata buildings has meant an increase in the level of education and due diligence by potential buyers. There is never been a better time to focus on ensuring that your building's financial health is in good order.

The focus of the presentation was to provide an overview of how your scheme can affect your property price, plus how to check the health of your strata plan:

  • What ‘Red Flags’ to keep an eye out for at your building

  • Why the financial health of a building is worth worrying about

  • Case Study: A poorly funded and maintained building vs A well-funded and maintained building

  • Your Strata Health Checklist

Join Nikki and Tim as they take an in-depth look at common pitfalls along with approaches to ensuring that your scheme's savings are fighting fit and looking attractive.

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