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Sinking and capital works fund investment chat with Amanda Farmer on Your Strata Property LIVE

Strata Guardian's Head of Wealth, Tim Fuller was honoured to be invited back on Amanda Farmer's popular LIVE show on Friday 17th June to chat about the impacts of the recent rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of Australia on investing capital works, sinking and reserve funds for Australian Strata Committees.

Topics covered in the interview:

  1. Why are rising interest rates good for (some) strata communities?

  2. What is Strata Term?

  3. You say that all term deposits are covered by the 'Financial Claims Scheme'. What is this and why is it important?

  4. What if a building only has a small fund to invest - say $25K. Is Strata Term suitable for them?

  5. What should our viewers do if they want to get started with Strata Term?

Tim Fuller is the Head of Wealth at Strata Guardian and an authorised representative of Strata Advice AFSL 528306.

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