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6 Easy Steps to Apply.

If you feel that Strata Guardian might be able to help your Strata scheme, all you need to do is follow these 6 easy steps. 


Step 1

When your committee next meets, introduce Strata Guardian as a possible solution to low returns on your building's savings. If you would like an information pack, or just to discuss your situation, feel free to book a call or leave some details below and we can help supply what you need.

Step 2

The committee may want to discuss the investment before proceeding, and we are happy to help. We can arrange a virtual meeting with the committee as required to answer any specific questions.

Step 3

If a decision is reached to invest at the committee meeting, great!

We can supply template motions/resolutions for most States and Territories to help with the documentation of the decision. Now is a good time to select at least 2 signatories for the account.

Step 4

Strata Guardian uses a secure and simple application process, which we will assist with along the way. All paperwork is provided to either your manager or committee before making a decision.

We can also liaise with your strata manager to expedite onboarding, especially with our Strata Term service.

For Strata Guardian and Grow, you can enquire about an application easily, just by either requesting a callback or sending us an email.

Step 5

Once the application is completed, Strata Guardian will generate the account for the scheme/plan.

For Strata Term accounts, we will forward the issuing bank's details to transfer the capital and start the term. 

Step 6

Once received, the platform will invest as directed and Strata Guardian will manage the account on an ongoing basis. All signatories have online access for monitoring the investment.

Welcome aboard!

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