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Strata Guardian

Purpose built investments for the Australian Strata Community

About Us.

We recognise that your Strata, Maintenance, Sinking Reserve & Capital Works Fund is like the superannuation for your building and needs to be managed carefully.

Your fund comprises of many years of levies from members of the building, to help protect against large costs incurred without needing to be funded by additional contributions.

As bank interest rates have fallen over the years, the common cash account for your building is failing to provide a reasonable rate of return against inflation, which in the long term may jeopardise its ability to cover your buildings costs. This in turn will require constant increases in your buildings annual levies.

Strata Guardian invests for the long term in both diversified and liquid investments, to grow your buildings capital in a meaningful way and ensure that it is available when required. We also have the ability to source market-leading return term deposits for those seeking better alternatives to their current provider.


What we do.

In a world of low bank interest rates, we strive to provide an investment service that takes the pressure off rising strata and capital works levies whilst ensuring your money is protected from stock markets volatility.

The investment solution is the provision of long term investment outcomes of real returns for managers of Owners Corporation, Body Corporate and Strata Company assets.

Our proven, reliable, and simple investment method ensures your building's capital is always available, whilst still invested to make the most of hard-earned savings.

Strata Fund Investment made reliable, available and easy.

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Secure custodianship of your buildings savings.

All invested capital is held either with an Australian bank protected by the Financial Claim Scheme, or on an independent Australian ASX listed investment platform, backed by local and global fiduciaries.


You and your committee can keep track of your scheme's investment 24/7 from your computer or mobile device.

Full reporting is available as required and an audited tax report is provided at the end of the financial year.

Best of Breed investment 

you can rely on.

We offer both market-leading term deposits and market-linked portfolios to help you get the most from your strata savings.

Our portfolios comprise a mix of up to six asset classes that provide global reach, whilst targeting low volatility.

We use "best of breed" exchange-traded funds (ETF's) which provide diversified and inexpensive access to global bond and stock markets. Find out more here.

All holdings can be traded anytime the sharemarket is open, and there is no lock up risk.

You can start an investment with just $20,000.

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Contact Us.

1300 GUARDN (482 736)

Ground Floor, 25 Palmerston Crescent,

South Melbourne, VIC 3205

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